Why Does Gift School Attract Kids And Parents?

Education Is A Hidden Treasure


By God's Grace, Gift School has over the years given hope and future through quality education in a very challenging environment and now we are able to reach the communities in a more impactful way having partnered with Children Mission Sweden who support in the school programs every year and you can find more of their work in this link - https://barnmissionen.se

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Charity Hub

Guided by core values of integrity, love and genuine community service, Gift School is in the forefront of running charitable programs and is honored to be enlisted by CAF America taking philanthropy farther with donations done through this link - https://cafa.iphiview.com/cafa/Organizations/OrganizationView/tabid/437/dispatch/byorganization_id$481924_hash$c44ee7ac81adf11f42cc96d4cd17097ce3811474

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Feeding Program

Provision of School Meals and Food Packages which is celebrated across our slum communities made possible by Barnmissionen Sweden, with the Lord for the Children.

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Talent Activities

Plenty of talent based activities  makes Gift School an enjoyable environment for nurturing those that pass through our care.

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Children Seminar

An Annual Children Seminar incorporates children from schools and churches for a week long mentorship sessions from ages 3 to 19.

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Guidance & Counseling

The Tough Surroundings we operate necessitate programs for mental health and Boresha Wellness Organization has been with us to champion this.

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